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Don’t worry about your website anymore! Show your visitors your site is malware and hackers-free with our exceptional 24/7 security protection.

Optimize your website to attract more and more clients! Now, with a number of advanced, innovative tests, it is easier than ever before!

Mycenturio is the cloud-based provider of an anti-virus program, integrity monitoring and malware detector. Mycenturio scanner offers innovative solutions working remotely on the Internet. Moreover, you can check if your website's html code is error free with number of tests. We care about your site 24/7. Mycenturio will be alerting you via sms/email if your website doesn’t respond or gets infected. Don`t make your customer leave because of feeling insecure.

You don't need to install anything or paste any complicated code to the code of your website. The only thing you have to do is to register with your e-mail address. Mycenturio's easy to use navigation will help you to enjoy the application to it's limits!

Secure your business site 24/7

Secure your business site 24/7

Don’t worry about your website anymore! We will monitor your online business 24/7.

MyCenturio is a cloud-based web scanner, which offers innovative monitoring system working remotely on the internet. We help you fight against all types of malware, including viruses, trojans, spyware or hacker attacks. If you're afraid your page is down or overloaded - don’t be - MyCenturio contains many advanced test helping you to manage your site so your clients are satisfied. You may check the status of your websites any time you want.

Improve your marketing decisions

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Make sure, your clients see your website as you want it. Improve your website with Mycenturio.

Mycenturio checks HTML code and sends you the list of warnings with their specified location, what simplifies the correction process. The Validation Test helps your site to meet the newest standards the web pages are created and it also takes into the consideration mobile devices. Mycenturio processes documents written in all markup languages. Thanks to these advanced tests your marketing decisions become much more accurate.

Receive alerts via Email/SMS

Receive alerts via Email/SMS

Find out, straight away when the things go wrong. MyCenturio monitors your website 24/7.

We alert you when your site becomes inactive or is infected by any kinds of threats. Just specify the way you would like to be alerted (email or sms) and we will notify you immediately. We make sure your site is protected even when you are asleep. This kind of notifications makes your response time shorter and reduces the amount of dissatisfied clients. Don`t make your customer resign because of feeling unsecured with your business.