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Don’t worry about your website anymore! Show your visitors your site is malware and hackers-free with our exceptional 24/7 security protection.

Optimize your website to attract more and more clients! Now, with a number of advanced, innovative tests, it is easier then ever before!

Mycenturio is the cloud-based provider of an anti-virus program, integrity monitoring and malware detector. Mycenturio scanner offers innovative solutions working remotely on the Internet. Moreover, you can check if your website's html code is error free with number of tests. We care about your site 24/7. Mycenturio will be alerting you via sms/email if your website doesn’t respond or gets infected. Don`t make your customer resign because of feeling insecured.

You don't need to install anything or paste any complicated code to the code of your website. The only thing you have to do is to register with your e-mail address. Mycenturio's easy to use navigation will help you to enjoy the application to it's limits!

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Kaspersky Anti-Virus for File Server

Does your website contain any malware? Is your client endangered with any malware from your side? This test simply shows if your site is virus-free. If your site gets infected by any virus, you will be notified immediately. Test available in two types of protection: extended and professional.

Ping Test

Does your server communicate with your website? Does your client see the page properly? Ping test checks the server status by sending echo request to the target host and measuring the response time. Ping test verifies if the website is up and running and measures website's speed and response time. This test gives you an overview whether your clients can see the page or not. If not, we’ll help you to solve the problem.

The Load Time Test

Your website is too slow? People leaving your website before it is loaded? You might miss out many customers and potential sales. Mycenturio analyses the loading time, providing you with gathered information stored in your dashboard. It let you improve your website. On the basis of this test you can truly assume whether you should switch the server/hosting or not. Do not lose any sales!

Validation Test

The validation test was created to improve the quality of websites. Mycenturio can process web documents written in every markup language. After the test you receive a detailed report with the amount of errors. We will help you to improve the code so your clients will be able to access your website from different browsers and devices like mobile phones.

Expiration Date of the Domain
- If your domains respond

You do not need to hold responsibility to remember Due Date anymore! Mycenturio will keep the track of due dates for you and will send you reminder 20 days in advance! Do not let your website go down because of missed due date, let us remember it!

HTTP Server Response Code Checker
- If your servers respond

It’s a diagnostic tool that alerts you when your website is out of order. You can quickly check, whether the hosting server of your website is responding. In case of any error, you will be notified immediately via e-mail or sms. The way of notification is up to you!