Mycenturio offers a few options of tailor-made scans for clients. Our packages vary depending upon frequency of tests and functions scanner performs. We prepared the range of prices affordable for every user.

What do I get from 14-days free trial?

In a trial version you have an access to an anti-virus and all tests. You receive a fully functional website scanner. The frequency of each test is limited to 1 per 3 hours and anti-virus 1 per day. You also get the record of history of scans.

What happens when the trial is finished?

You will receive emails reminding you about payment 3 days before the trial expires. After 14 days your account will still have access to your account, but you will not be able to activate any test until you prolong the license. However, you still will be able to manage your account data, as well as scans' history will not be deleted.

I want to subscribe - is my payment secure?

Yes, we are using international paypal and alertpay. Your connection is encrypted also by 128 bit SSL - it makes your data entirely secure.

When and how can I upgrade my current subscription?

You can do it whenever you want to. Just select a new plan in an account settings and pay only the difference between the pricing. It may take some time to activate new plan, but we will inform you when your scanner is upgraded.