Mycenturio Service Regulations

General provisions
These Regulations define the conditions of the provision of mycenturio service by the Provider which is Parlay Media Spółka Akcyjna with its registered office in Kedzierzyn-Kozle, Poland, address: ul. Grunwaldzka 40A, 47-232 Kedzierzyn-Kozle, Poland, hereinafter reffered to as the Provider. The terms used in the Regulations mean:

"subscription" – a service allowing the Subscriber to use mycenturio service rendered by the Provider;
"Subscriber" – a person using the subscription bound with the Provider by means of the contract for the provision of mycenturio service;
"price list" – an annex to the contract defining the amount of fees which is not a part of the contract and may be updated according to the rules stipulated in the regulations;
"channel of information" – the way in which Customer wishes to be notified of the failures chosen by the Customer from the list of available in mycenturio panel, in the tab "Settings": by means of sms, e-mail or Internet communicator;
"subscription period" – a year – long period for which the settlement of the subscription and the smses are made on the grounds of rendering mycenturio service, which begins and finishes on certain days of calendar months indicated by the Provider of the service;
"trial period" – a period lasting 14 days, counted from registration day;
"package" – a group of rules available to define which constitute mycenturio service rendered by the Provider for the Subscriber at certain price and under certain conditions;
"emergency notification" – information about a failure sent immediately after the defined situation occurs through mycenturio system by means of the channel of information chosen by the Customer;
"type of monitored services" – a type of service possible to be monitored by mycenturio system, for example HTTP, SMTP, POP3;
"mycenturio system" – the Provider’s technology by means of which he renders mycenturio service which includes software and computer infrastructure belonging to the Provider of the service. Mycenturio system comprises monitoring center monitoring stations, graphic interface, reporting system and notifying system;
"mycenturio service" – the service of monitoring internet services and applications rendered through the Internet by means of mycenturio service;

Mycenturio service requires having a computer connected to the Internet, with a web browser;
Customer who is a consumer has the right to rescind the contract without giving a reason within 10 days from the date on which the contract was concluded, by submitting an appropriate declaration in writing
The provider reserves the right to change the Regulations. The changes start being valid from the moment of publication of the new version of the Regulations on the website: WWW In case of the change in Regulations, Customer has the right to rescind the contract under the condition that he sends written declaration within 14 days from the date on which the new version of the Regulations was published, in according to the rules specified in the section " Complaint proceedings" of these Regulations.
Personal data protection
From the moment of registration and activation of the profile the User gives consent to process his e-mail address and other personal details given in oder to register for the purposes specified in the preceding and the information section; in particular the User gives consent to receive reports or information from the Provider or other subjects (with the knowledge and explicit acceptance of the Provider) and information considering products or services of the Provider as well as other subjects (with the knowledge and explicit acceptance of the Provider).
The User has the right to inspect his personal data and to correct it.
The obligation to comply with the law
If the Provider obtains information that the Customer uses mycenturio service against the provisions of the law, the Provider has the right to deprive the Customer of the access to mycenturio service and process his personal data in order to establish his responsibility as well as to pass the data to appropriate public authorities.
Activating mycenturio service for the trial period
Activating my centurio service for the trial period is possible only by means of registration;
Mycenturio service is activated for the 14-day long trial period counted from the date of activation of the service
Lack of activation fee for the service on the Provider’s bank account within 7 days from the date of the end of the trial period results in blocking the access to the service for the period of 14 days. If during this time the Provider notes activation fee on his bank account, the access to the service shall be made available, for the subscription period specified in the Contract, counted from the date of the end of the trial period of myceturio service.
Concluding a contract and activating mycenturio service
Mycenturio service shall be ordered through registration on the website:, then choosing and making payment of the amount of the subscription;
Concluding a contract for mycenturio service is possible by means of the contract form in administrator’s panel.
Upon conclusion of the contract the person becomes Subscriber.
The contract may be concluded for the specified period of time.
The contract for the specified period of time is concluded for the period of a year from the date on which the service was activated.
After a period of time for which the contract was valid, the contract is automatically renewed for the indefinite period, unless the Subscriber declares in written form at least a month before the end of period of the duration of the contract ( the date of the postmark shall be decisive) under pain of nullity.
The date of termination of the contract shall be the date after which new subscription fee shall be paid. In case of a lack of booked payment on the bank account to the time of the termination of the previous subscription, the contract shall be considered terminated.
Activation of the service happens after the payment of the activation fee.
First day of rendering mycenturio service to the Subscriber shall be the first working day after the day on which the activation fee was paid to the Provider’s bank account unless the Contract concluded in written form stipulates otherwise.
The amount of the payments is enclosed in the price list on the subwebsite
The payment shall be made in advance for the subscription period and the type of the subscription chosen by the Customer.
The payment for the service relates to the subcription period pursuant to the order placed by the Customer.
We do not accept refunds
Invoices for mycenturio service
The Subscriber receives an invoice at request choosing appropriate option in the settings of the service or sending e-mail to the address
The day of making payment shall be the day on which the fee is noted on the Provider’s bank account.
Obligations and responsibility of the Customer
The Customer shall be obliged to inform the Provider about all the changes that may influence the performance of the Contract.
The Customer is obliged to give true personal details in the process of ordering the service.
The Customer is obliged to make payments on time.
Scanned website cannot have more than 100 subwebsites. Limits of the subwebsites are fixed individually and are dependent on the choice of the test.
The Customer bears entire responsibility for using mycenturio service rendered by the Provider.
The Provider has the right to cease rendering the service immediately or terminate the contract with the Subscriber without the right to obtain the repayment of the unused subscription fee, if:

the Subscriber breaches the provisions of the contract.
the Subscriber uses mycenturio service against its purpose and certain parameters.
the Subscriber acts to the detriment of other Customers of the Provider or the users of the Internet.

Obligations and resposibility of the Provider
The Provider obliges himself to activate mycenturio service in accordance with the contract.
The Provider is obliged to render mycenturio service in a full range with due dilligence. The Provider does not bear responsibility for failure to configure or inappropriate configuring the service.
The Provider reserves the right to possibly short service breaks in rendering the service due to servicing and maintenance of the system as well as implementing new functionalities. The Subscriber shall be notified about this fact by means of e-mail.
The Provider is not responsible for possible damages that may occur as a result of:
lack of continuity in rendering services being a result of an action or negligence of third parties,
natural distaters, inappropriate use of the service, using information passed to the Customer authorizing access to the service by third parties, infringing the provisions of the contract by the Customer.
Complaint proceedings
The complaint of the Subscriber due to non-performance or inappropriate performance of mycenturio services shall be filed with the Provider in written form to the correspondence address. The complaint shall specify:

Subscriber’s personal details enabling the contact and identification of the Subscriber,
type of service pertaining to the complaint,
Subscriber’s complaints,
circumstances justifying the complaint,
potential demanded way of removing the alleged infringement.

Final provisions
The governing law for this Contract between the Subscriber and the Provider shall be the Polish law.
The Provider reserves the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect in casethe Customer breaches the provisions of the Regulations or the contract. In such event 7.11 shall be applicable.
The Regulations come into force on 30th November 2013.